Renovations underway

Last year we decided that we needed more space and we bought an old woollen mill. It's a complete renovation project. The roof is now sound, and the scaffolding is down. But a lot more work is needed.


Office advent calendar: day 1

We have a HAYNES advents calendar this year, which contains a circuit board and components which will lead to being able to play 24 games!
Day 1 we had to cut out and build the housing, as well as attached the power supply to the circuit board. Coffee times will never be the same again!


What is a blog and what is a website?

Recently I was asked this question and here I will try and answer the question as best as I can.

A blog is updated regularly but then again so is a website!  Actually I don’t think that there is any difference they are both used to give information, sell products, keep people up to date with events and so on.  I think that it comes down to the layout which creates a difference and our perception.

I think that initially blogs were simplified versions of websites which were desig